Robert Dumitru

Co-Founder & CEO

In 2017, he became fascinated with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He initially got into the crypto space because of its open source innovation and ideology. Like many others, he first invested in BTC and ETH and then started to diversify his investments. He is committed to bringing real value to the crypto community and genuinely cares about the decentralization and democratization of technology and finance

Janez Lisjak

Co-Founder & COO
Jan has more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry. He opened his first company at the age of 20, which focused on gastronomy and tourism. From that time on, Jan’s whole family has been connected with tourism and it has become their primary business. Jan’s leadership and expertise were also gained through the University of Ljubljana, where he studied economics.

Innovation is the path to solving many of the world’s greatest challenges.

“As a brand and as a business, adhering to high quality standards in the delivery of our services is among our foundational values. That is because we aim to give travelers who use our platform a premium travel experience that is superb and unmatched.

Hence, you can be assured that all of the accommodation service providers available on our platform are well-respected brands that have a high regard for their customers.” Boxa Travel Team.