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Boxa Travel

BOXA Travel is a next-generation online traveling platform which combines the traveling process with advanced crypto technology giving travelers the most memorable travel experiences while producing superior results for our business partners.
A product of cutting-edge research and innovation, the BOXA Travel platform is meant to enable hotel, apartment and other real estate owners the ability to rent out their properties to travelers for specific periods of time.
Besides properties available to rent during travels, BOXA Travel will provide users various transportation options in the near future. As a traveler, you will easily discover, book, and pay for car rental services or flights on BOXA Travel’s online platform.
By putting these two crucial traveling services in one central place, BOXA will make the travel experience infinitely simpler, easier, and convenient. You will no longer need to endure the difficult process of searching for transportation and accommodation providers separately. To make sure our customers have a clear view of the property they’re looking at, all the properties listed on BOXA Travel will have a detailed description and many pictures to give a truthful representation of the place.
Having been designed and built by some of the most experienced and highly qualified Blockchain and travel experts BOXA Travel is a seamless, robust, and highly efficient platform. However, the height of BOXA’s innovation lies elsewhere.
It lies in the fact that BOXA is one of the few travel businesses that offers travelers incentives to travel and secure bookings via its platform in the form of crypto rewards.

Boxa Token

Many individuals, businesses and even governments are now adopting cryptocurrency. As one of the most progressive travel businesses in the market, BOXA has also incorporated crypto technology into its operations.
The BOXA token is a ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. BOXA tokens serves as the protocol or native tokens of the entire BOXA network. BOXA is optimized to offer users optimal utility as they navigate the BOXA Travel platform.
With BOXA, users can book and pay for accommodation services on the BOXA Travel platform.

Deflationary Token

BOXA is a deflationary token with a 1,000,000,000 limit for its maximum supply. It means that no more than one billion BOXA tokens shall be minted throughout the span of the BOXA project.
BOXA tokens are an integral part of the BOXA ecosystem, and as the platform’s primary currency they will help unlock access to special perks and rewards that will provide incentives to users by making their travel arrangements on the BOXA platform.

Boxa Values

The BOXA Travel platform is among the most user-centric traveling platforms in the world. This is because it has been built with travelers’ needs in mind to ensure they receive a once-in-a- lifetime travel experience. As a result, there are several unique benefits that BOXA offers you as a traveler who wants to enjoy the premium travel experience.

A Simplified and More Convenient Travel Experience. If you are a passionate traveler, you might relate to the stress that comes with single-handedly organizing trips and being to places you may not have ever been before. The pressure of finding a safe and suitable place as well as a convenient way of exploring your destinations can become overwhelming.

However, BOXA Travel helps to eliminate the hassle out of the traveling experience and leaves you with the sweet end of the deal. We want our customers to enjoy their trips without having to worry about the preparation and logistics of it all.
Once registered on our platform, we’re taking the responsibility to make sure you fully enjoy your stay as soon as you arrive at your desired destination.

Our Ecosystem

While it is described as an online traveling platform, BOXA is more of an ecosystem in all actuality. That is because it is an elaborate and complex network of different entities which come together to generate value for all parties involved.
BOXA provides the framework within which hoteliers and real estate owners interact with travelers and tourists in order to facilitate travel logistics. The BOXA team’s goal is to connect millions of travelers with memorable experiences while visiting incredible places and staying in a wide range of accommodations from homes to hotels and much more.
By fulfilling the planning and logistical needs of the end user and the providers alike, BOXA Travel will grow to become one of the largest marketplaces for established and non-established brands and entrepreneurs in the world.
BOXA will give businesses from all over the world exposure to an expansive global audience. Combined with the innovative crypto technology that is built into BOXA’s operations, such businesses will increase their revenue and consequently achieve faster growth rates.
The outcome will not only be a more valuable travel and tourism market but also an increase in the rate of crypto adoption in the travel industry – ultimately accelerating the world’s shift towards cryptocurrency use.

A Greener Future

BOXA brings together destinations and tourism service providers who are dedicated to sustainable tourism development and is committed to only listing properties that have recognized green certificates.
Our technical experts will offer practical advice and support to make saving energy and adopting sustainable practices easier. We want responsible behavior to become second nature to businesses in the tourism industry, and becoming a partner of the BOXA platform is a great first step to becoming greener and attracting new clients who care about their carbon footprint. The goal of our platform is to preserve the planet without reducing the quality of travel and to make travel accessible for everyone.
Initially, the platform will only list tourist accommodations, but we will later add complementary services related to the tourism industry, such as restaurants, spas, wellness centers, and taxi services. However, these services will need to meet the same environmental standards in order to do business through our platform. This means that we will only list restaurants that serve local/organic food and taxi services that use electric vehicles.

Bringing Value to The Travel Sector

Our goal as BOXA Travel is to entirely transform the travel and tourism sector with the goal of maximizing value for all the parties involved. One way of doing that is by democratizing access to business opportunities by more hospitality entities across the world.
There are many amazing restaurants, hotels, resorts, and residential facilities spread out globally. However, many of them do not reach their full potential in terms of being able to serve their clients. That is because they often lack a platform which can give them adequate visibility to attract more people.
As a result, only branded and established businesses that are widely recognized maintain their monopolistic grip on the market. As a Web 3.0 traveling service provider, BOXA Travel is in a unique position to turn that around and give the lesser known businesses a fighting chance as well.
Provided that a business looks reasonably capable to give travelers high quality service, they will get an opportunity to be part of our decentralized marketplace. Service providers will participate on a level playing field in the hospitality and transport market once these services are launched as well.
The market will be more inclusive, diverse, and travelers will have a multitude of options to choose from. This will help to improve customer experience as travelers will no longer have to settle for whatever is available but exactly what suits their unique individual needs.

Welcome to The New Era of Travel

There is no doubt the world is gradually and steadily moving towards the wide-scale adoption of cryptocurrency as a primary means of payment for goods and services across all sectors of the economy. In order to grow with the times, the travel and tourism sector also has to adapt to a new reality of crypto-powered systems and processes. Hospitality businesses who were once unable to tap into the market will finally be able to participate in the impending crypto based economy. It will also allow travelers to enjoy an enhanced traveling experience right from the research and exploration stage, to booking, and finally the traveling and lodging stage. These crypto-instigated adjustments will help to increase the total market value of the travel sector.
By providing an efficient and seamless crypto-powered traveling platform, BOXA Travel is leading the transition towards the new era of traveling and exploration of the world in the most convenient, reliable, and most affordable way ever.